BEWARE (BEyond landslide AWAREness) in Osečina

Osečina is one of the 27 municipalities in the Republic of Serbia, in the framework of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) entitled “Improved vitality and readiness to respond to emergencies,” funded by the Government of Japan, included into the Project “Harmonisation of data on landslides and training local governments for their monitoring BEWARE (Beyond landslide Awareness)”.

BEWARE project team, which included experts from Faculty of Mining and Geology, University of Belgrade and the Geological Survey of Serbia, were in Osečina from 2 to 9 July this year. They, together with the authorities of the municipal administration were working on the landslide registration and desription, necessary for further implementation of the project and making hazard maps of landslides in the municipal territory.

They visited all the settlements, but not all parts of the municipality Osečina, where about 200 landslides were registered. Each is described in detail and entered into the database. However, this is not the final number, so they will continue to carry out the activities and remaining landslides across the municipality – said Marija Petrovic from the Municipal Administration.

Within the project the two municipal representatives will be trained to implement new methodologies for landslides registration. They will have access to donated equipment and software solutions for the future activities related to the recording of landslides in this area. Training to work with the equipment is planned for September of this year, and until then the local community will play an active role in finalizing the last year reported landslides in coordination with BEWARE team and provide adequate logistical support.

Article in paper Напред, july 16, 2015.

Чланак у листу Напред од 16. јула 2015.

Чланак у листу Напред од 16. јула 2015.


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