BEWARE teams in Čačak

Field teams of the Faculty of Mining and Geology and Geological Survey of Serbia have stayed in the City of Čačak during Sep 17-24, 2015. The teams performed field work activities on landslide inventorying, thereby recording almost 100 landslides activated during the last year extreme events.

BEWARE teams were welcomed by the mayor of the City of Čačak, Vojislav Ilić, in coordination with his deputy Milan Bojović and his operative teams from the sector of emergency response. Delegates of related public companies, including EPS and Putevi Srbije, also participated in the meeting. Besides the usual familiarization with the project objectives and practical aspects of the undertaken field work, advisory role of BEWARE teams was emphasized. Accordingly, the greatest attention during the field work was drawn to the locations already prioritized by the local authorities. During the operative work, apart from the members of the local authority, a great deal of support in logistics and information was provided by the community representatives. Valuable source of information was also well organized archive of historical landslides led by the city authorities, kept from 2006 (when a similar magnitude of landslidng occurred) onward.

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