WP4: BEWARE portal

  • WP4 objective and rationale – Building a (GIS) web portals that will host the project platforms, including: participant and partner users data uploads, platform for unifying and harmonizing landslide information from various sources, visualizing functionalities, transparency of the project to any beneficiary, disseminating project results. It is central to the functionality of the project and therefore it is Specific, Measurable (e.g. in terms of uploaded data instances, maps, users etc.), Achievable given appropriate resources and time, Relevant for functionality and sustainability of the project and specified in Time by its onset (while its duration depends on the sustainability).
  • WP4 work description – These WP4 actions are in tune with Objective 2, 3 and 6, and overall time frame is first six months for most of the functionalities:
    • Action 4.1 BEWARE project website design and publishing as a platform for transparency of project progress and results, starting first two months and continuously maintained throughout the project.
    • Action 4.2 Geodatabase modeling and managing spatial data, based on existing example of Geological Information System of Serbia – GeolISS with appropriate improvements (developing on ArcGIS Server 10.2+ platform with ArcSDE application server for PostgreSQL or SQLServer DBMS).
    • Action 4.3 Defining role-based access control, administrators, participants and partners for interactive data upload.
    • Action 4.4 Harmonization of collected data (different data schemes, data formats, classifications) from participant users from WP5 and eventually partner users.
    • Action 4.5 GIS web application development and publishing based on Web Map Services and two Web Feature Services with geological/landslide features in compliance with OGS standards.
    • Action 4.6 Translation of web interface and geodatabase contents to English/Serbian.
    • Action 4.7 Fine tuning and final improvements based on user evaluation (including differentiating functionalities for different user profiles).
    • Action 4.8 Development of geoprocessing procedures and tools for WP7 realization, i.e. simple (AHP) to complex (Machine Learning) landslide hazard mapping, and other products (if applicable under WP6).
    • Action 4.9 Integration and linking with existing public portals for deploying early-warning prototype or devising simple thematic (landslide-oriented) information system.
    • Action 4.10 Mobile application development for landslide registration.
  • WP4 deliverables – Main deliverables are:
    • BEWARE project portal.
    • Standardized landslide geodatabase, with all its concept, data and structure.
    • GIS web portal, with all its content and functionality.
    • potential prototypes for early warning and/or landslide information system.
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