WP1: Partner equipping

  • WP1 objective and rationale – Technically enable local authority and Civil Protection offices, i.e. their staff, in 27 municipalities in Serbia, to perform simple but sufficiently reliable landslide reporting tasks in the future. The package is Specific, Measurable in pieces of acquired components, Achievable with appropriate budget, extremely Relevant for the purpose of the project and specified Time-wise.
  • WP1 work description – These WP1 actions are in tune with Objective 1:
    • Action 1.1 Selecting and ordering equipment (hardware and software) components within the first month.
    • Action 1.2 Testing equipment components upon their arrival, within first 4 months (estimated),
    • Action 1.3 Installing necessary (elementary) map tiles (different for each municipality) and configuring the software upon equipment arrival and within a month from acquiring basic topographic and satellite data from WP5.
  • WP1 deliverables – Each of 27 municipalities will be supplied with the following hardware and software components:
    • hardware: 1 average configuration medium-sized tablet device, 1 navigation device, 1 average configuration desktop computer, 1 set of ergonomic computer furniture (computer chair and table), 1 mobile internet dongle kit.
    • software: Fulcrum GIS group license platform, free open-source image tiling software (MapTiler or similar).