WP8: Identification of critical sites

  • WP8 objective and rationale – Identifying up to 10 critical landslide sites that require rehabilitation (mitigation) on the basis of affected people and property, and have not been already subjected to intervention of post-event responses in May 2014. The package is Specific (site-wise), and will be Measurable by number of appropriate sites, Achievable given appropriate data, Relevant for realization of specific project objective, and specified in T
  • WP8 work description – This package is in tune with Objective 5.
    • Action 8.1 Identifying criteria for choosing critical sites, given all preceding WP deliverables at disposal, 1 month duration.
  • WP8 deliverables – Sites (up to 10) that are optimally suitable for further detailed (site-specific) geotechnical investigations and design.