WP6: SWOT analysis

  • WP6 objective and rationale – SWOT analysis of data and human resources of each municipality for recognizing possibilities for in-depth hazard, vulnerability and risk analysis. Vulnerability and risk analysis would for instance require readiness and skill to extract information on dwelling frequency and other basic inhabitants’ activities. Up to 3 best ranked municipalities will be used as pilot studies of vulnerability and risk assessment, and these experiences will be incorporated in strategies for project sustainability. The package is Specifying kind of desired analysis, that will be Measurable by direct analysis results (municipality ranks), Achievable given appropriate time, Relevant for planning future actions, thereby sustaining and extending the project and specified in T
  • WP6 work description – This package is in tune with Objective 4 and 6.
    • Action 6.1 SWOT analysis and ranking of municipalities for their capabilities to become pilot sites for vulnerability and risk assessment campaigns. Duration, 2 months.
  • WP6 deliverables – Ranks and selection of three most successful municipalities.