WP2: Kick-off meeting

  • WP2 objective and rationale – Planning/coordinating actions and handing over WP1 deliverables on 1-day kick-off meeting. The package is Specific, Measurable in terms of specified meeting arrangement, Achievable with appropriate funding, Relevant for starting the project and specified Time-wise.
  • WP2 work description – These WP2 actions are in tune with Objective 1 and 2, and scheduled within a month from acquiring WP1 deliverables:
    • Action 2.1 Announcing and inviting donor, UNDP coordinator, related governmental and local/regional authority officials (covering their traveling expenses).
    • Action 2.2 Presenting BEWARE project ideas, expected deliverables, benefits and duties.
    • Action 2.3 Obliging local authority officials of each municipality to nominate (on spot) and select (within a month) two Responsible Persons (RP) among their Civil Protection staff, which will become direct project partners. Selection preferences will be suggested. Gender equality and age preference is enforced if conditions allow (if there is at least one younger person technologically literate enough and capable of performing field site visits per gender), so that each municipality has one young female and one young male RP. This way, RPs will be more mobile, better split their work duties, and ensure continuance of the project realization.
    • Action 2.4 Handing over deliverables of WP1 (light equipment on-spot, bulky equipment will be shipped within a week from the meeting).
  • WP2 deliverables – Meeting that will suit up to 100 people including participants, partners (their municipal officials), donors, UNDP coordinator and related governmental officials. No particular materials will be needed for the kick-off meeting. Indirect deliverable will be adopted plan and schedule of actions between participants and partners.