WP5: Data

  • WP5 objective and rationale – Collecting all available (existing) and acquiring new data for feeding the WP4 geodatabase and populating the portal and GIS web portal contents. Objective is Specific (data-wise), Measurable (e.g. in terms of number and type of data), Achievable given appropriate time and budget, Relevant i.e. essential for realization of the project and specified in T
  • WP5 work description – These WP5 actions are in tune with Objective 3, 4, 5 and 6.
    • Action 5.1 Gathering and analyzing existing data, including geological, topographic, environmental, social data in analogue or digital form. Two months duration. Topographic data are of particular interest as these will serve for generating inputs in WP7 stage and also WP1 (Action 1.3 configuring appropriate topographic tiles for RPs field work) and WP7 (Action 7.3 map printouts).
    • Action 5.2 Acquiring analogue and digital historic and May 2014 and beyond landslide data from associated public/private companies
    • Action 5.3 Acquiring high-resolution (1.5 m) satellite images for visual and/or semi-automated landslide recognition and digitizing (interpretation) landslides. Acquisition, preparation and preprocessing delay is estimated for up to 2 months, while the digitization will be started onward for another 4 months. It has to be synchronized with field campaigns, as critical points and problems with digitizing will be field-checked.
    • Action 5.4 Designing field questionnaires for participants’ field activities with international standards and practices, within first month.
    • Action 5.5 Planning and performing field work (recognition, mapping and reambulation where necessary due to e.g. cloud cover in images), up to 6 months.
    • Action 5.6 Systematically and gradually uploading data to BEWARE geodatabase as WP5 Data herein include polygons and data points acquired from various sources from Action 5.2 and digitized landslides from satellite images and eventual mapping campaigns.
  • WP5 deliverables – Digital thematic data (geological, topographic, environmental and synthetic), but most importantly various (point and polygon based, participants’ and RPs’) landslide inputs that will gradually populate BEWARE Supplementary deliverables include field work materials, such as standardized questionnaires, photo-documentation, reports and other meta-data.