WP9: Sustainability arising from good practices of BEWARE

  • WP9 objective and rationale – Examining methodology of voluntary crowd sourcing data (i.e. RPs involvement in reporting landslide events and perhaps general public involvement in the future) for translating research approach on higher (potentially national) levels, periods (sustainability), and purposes (e.g. potential early-warning prototyping). The package is partly Specific (regarding the aspects of crowd sourcing data role in the modeling and mapping process), and therefore not entirely Measurable, potentially Achievable given appropriate data and time, Relevant for potential sustainability of the project, and not reserved for particular Time span of realization.
  • WP9 work description – This package is in tune with Objective 6. All actions are to last up to 2 (last) months.
    • Action 9.1 Inspecting whether particular landslide data (primarily RP data) qualitatively contribute to mapping and modeling.
    • Action 9.2 Proposing methodology adjustments for project continuation or expansion.
    • Action 9.3 Making use of (dated) RP-reported events (visualizing hot-spot alarms based on spatio-temporal frequency and magnitude of events) and proposing an early warning prototype (potentially linking with related public services and portals, such as meteorological or seismic) by applying functionalities from WP4 (Action 4.9).
  • WP9 deliverables – Potential additional functionalities and prototypes on GIS web portal.