WP10: Follow-up

  • WP10 objective and rationale – Concluding the project by replicating a meeting with WP2 protagonists and presenting the final report with key deliverables and future perspectives. The package is Specific, Measurable (event-wise), Achievable given appropriate time and budget, Relevant for justifying the donation and ensure sustainability of the project, and defined in T
  • WP10 work description – This package is in tune with Objective 6, and in a way, to all other objectives. It is timed for the very end of the project, within the last month.
    • Action 10.1 Announcing/organizing follow-up meeting to conclude the project and publicly submit the final report, also present sustainable ideas from WP9, highlight motifs for sustaining the project (motivating RPs and general public to continue/start taking part in crowd sourcing for landslide data) and point to responsible public service companies whether and how to harvest valuable data from voluntary crowd sourcing.
    • Action 10.2 Presenting results and demonstrating how deliverables are disseminated through portal and made transparent/publically available.
    • Action 10.3 Inviting media and press to better popularize ideas and products thereby enlarging the end user beneficiaries among general public, thereby implying better informed and better prepared community for catastrophic landslide events.
  • WP10 deliverables – Meeting that will suit up to 150 people including participants, partners (RPs and their municipal officials), donors, UNDP coordinator and related governmental officials, media and press.