WP7: Landslide Hazard Maps

  • WP7 objective and rationale – Modeling landslide hazard using quick and simple, but also testing the state-of-the-art techniques, and producing maps of spatial hazard potential (susceptibility maps). The package is Specific (map-wise), and will be Measurable by number of successful maps while map accuracy will also be possible to measure (quality control), package actions are Achievable given appropriate data and time, Relevant for direct realization of the project, and specified in T
  • WP7 work description – This package is in tune with Objective 4, 5 and 6.
    • Action 7.1 Landslide hazard mapping for each municipality using AHP and other methods, for 3 months.
    • Action 7.2 Additional maps of landslide vulnerability and risk where applicable under WP6, for 2 months (overlapping with previous action).
    • Action 7.3 Visualizing map products by uploading to the portal and setting appropriate cartographic display, and also preparing hard-copy layout for large format printing.
  • WP7 deliverables – Map models of landslide susceptibility per each municipality (27), and additional vulnerability and/or risk maps for up to 3 SWOT-selected municipalities. Printed maps in large poster formats, shipped and displayed in each municipality headquarter office.