The project “Harmonizing landslide data and training local authorities for landslide monitoring BEWARE (BEyond landslide AWAREness)” in Krupanj

The first field campaign in the BEWARE project framework took place in the municipality of Krupanj, one of the most affected municipalities by floods and landslides in 2014. Teams of Faculty of Mining and Geology University of Belgrade and Geological Survey of Serbia, in cooperation with local authorities organized this field campaign to complete the landslide inventory in this municipality.

Teams of the Faculty of Mining and Geology were first to arrive, Jun 5-9, 2015, joined by the Geological Survey teams on Monday June 8, 2015, to stay as long as Saturday June 13, 2015. Reception committee of the municipality of Krupanj organized a meeting regarding further activities on delegating emergency squad participants for training in the later stage of the project (September 2015 or later), and welcomed our team representatives on Tuesday Jun 9, 2015. The objective of these trainings is to enable local community to register landslides in the future and raise awareness and educate the community on landslide hazards. Substantial documentation is collected during the last year and given at disposal to BEWARE teams, which are to create landslide hazard maps on the basis of these data and field work in the later stages of the project. Considering this campaign being the first joint field work, it was crucial to level and tune the criteria and establish methodology by comparative simultaneous work. To increase efficiency and area coverage, the teams will be more individual in their future work in other municipalities.


BEWARE teams planning field routes together


The first BEWARE selfie on one of the largest debris flows from May 2014.

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