BEWARE project “Harmonizing landslide data and training local authorities for landslide monitoring” in Valjevo

Field teams of BEWARE project visited Valjevo in Jun 13-16, 2015, as one of the 27 municipalities involved in the project. Official reception by the member of the city council Nikola Radojičić took place on Monday, Jun 15, 2015, wherein further activities were coordinated.

Field teams of BEWARE project, assembled among the experts from the Faculty of Mining and Geology, University of Belgrade and Geological Survey of Serbia, were completing the landslide inventory for the territory of the City of Valjevo, in cooperation with the local teams. The inventory is essential for further realization of the project objectives and finalizing the landslide hazard map for the Valjevo territory. The project plan is to enroll two delegated trainees of the local authorities emergency squads to take part in the training, which is to involve the state-of-the-art methods on registering landslides. They will be provided with appropriate hardware and software donated by our sponsors, which are to be applied in future activities related to landslide registering in the City of Valjevo in the future. The training will include equipment tutorials and learning the methodology defined by the project, and is to take place in September 2015. Meanwhile, the team will take active part in finalizing reported landslides from last year in coordination with BEWARE teams, and in providing logistic support.


Meeting the City authorities.

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