BEWARE (BEyond landslide AWAREness) in Bajina Bašta

Field work teams of BEWARE project visited the Municipality of Bajina Bašta, during July 13-19, 2015. Meeting with the municipality officials, including the Mayor Radomir Filipović and his team for emergency response, took place on the first field working day, July 13, 2015. Municipality officials were familiarized with the project essentials and further activities, such as training of the municipality delegates. Training plan was elaborated in detail, and it was discussed that Bajina Bašta hosts several neighboring municipalities in a regional training event that will take place in late September 2015. Teams of the municipality emergency response office closely collaborated on the field work that was undertaken in the following days, offering logistic support. Field work was performed by the teams of Faculty of Mining and Geology, University of Belgrade, and included supplementing landslide inventory and collecting necessary details for successful realization of the project. It previously included interpretation of satellite data by the specialized teams of Faculty of Mining and Geology, thereby reducing the volume of field work and increasing the quality and density of the inventory. Teams have covered about 70% of the total territory, leaving remaining parts to be finalized soon, by the colleagues from Geological Survey of Serbia.

It is necessary to highlight the importance of the assistance provided by the members of the municipality emergency response office, as well as National Park Tara and Hydro-power-plant Perućac representatives, who all helped performing field activities more efficiently. Their prolonged engagement with the landslide-related matters (since May 2014) in their municipality witness of their great professionalism and devotion.







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