BEWARE visits Municipalities of Smederevska Palanka and Velika Plana

Teams of Faculty of Mining and Geology have visited Municipalities of Smederevska Palanka and Velika Plana, within the BEWARE project framework, from 27-30th of August 2015. Meetings with the Municipalities officials took place along with the field work. Meetings have been conducted to familiarize the Municipality representatives with the project objectives, thereby strengthening the future collaboration for further activities.

BEWARE teams met the Chiefs of emergency response sectors, Dragan Milić on behalf of the Municipality of Smederevska Palanka and Vladimir Stanić on behalf of the Municipality of Velika Plana, together with their associates that were, inter alia, in charge of reporting and assessing landslide and flood damage during the 2014 events. Operative teams were of great assistance for logistic support and sharing additional landslide event details during оur field work. These Municipalities have evidently suffered much greater damage to floods and torrents that are still very disturbing from time to time, and only minor landslide damage that was relatively quickly handled, at least temporarily. However, there are exceptions that are to motivate further landslide research in these municipalities.

Updated: September 2, 2015 —
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