BEWARE teams in Kraljevo

Field teams of Faculty of Mining and Geology and Geological Survey of Serbia have stayed in Kraljevo for the past two weeks (September 7-22, 2015.). The teams registered over 130 landslides activated by the last-year heavy rainfall. The records contributed to the landslide inventory completion, according to respective BEWARE project activities.

Expert teams had a meeting with the major of the city of Kraljevo, Tomislav Ilić. Head of the flood defense, emergency response and engineering-geological and seismological department of the city of Kraljevo, Zdravko Maksimović, also took part in the meeting together with his stuff. It was agreed that Kraljevo should host the regonal training for the local authority delegates of Kraljevo and neighboring municipalities/cities. During this training campaign, appropriate equipment (one desktop computer, tablet and navigation device per each municipality), donated by the Gouvernment of Japan, will be supplied. The meeting and a short press conference were followed by local media: TV Melos, TV Kraljevo, KATV, TVMiks, OnLine Magazin. Another separate meeting took place subsequently, involving the delegates of the emergency response sector of Kraljevo and Čačak, as well as the delegates of public companies: Srbija Šume, Putevi Srbije, Putevi Kraljevo, AD Novi Pazar put and EPS. The meeting was of great importance for familiarizing delegates with the project, for it revealed benefits of joint actions against landslide problems.

During these two weeks, BEWARE field teams had logistic support by the city adinistration and emergency responce department. It should be emphasized the systematic,
responsible and professional approach of the administration of the city of Kraljevo during the processing of the last-year floods data, which in turn ease the efforts of the expert teams in Kraljevo.

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