Geologial survey team at the theritory of the municipality of Ub.

During the period of 24. until 28. of September, team from Geological survey of Serbia was at the territory of municipality of Ub, with the task to amend unified landslides database according to the project activities of BEWARE project.

All the landslides that have occurred within the territory of the municipality, that were activated or reactivated during heavy rains last and this year were recorded, all within completion of unified landslides database according to the project activities. Logistic support during field activities was provided by inspector from the Department for Emergency Situations, Branislav Sarić.

During the fieldwork our team has registered all reported landslides (25 landslides in total). We have visited the following locations at the territory of the municipality of Ub: Ub center, Vrhovine, Gornji Trnavci, Zvizdar, Gvozdenovac, Dokmir, Kršna glava, Vrhovine, Slatina, Čučuge, Donji Kras, Novaci and Tulari.

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