BEWARE teams in Morava Valley

Field teams of Faculty of Mining and Geology visited Municipalities of Jagodina, Varvarin and Svilajnac, working on completion of landslide inventory within the BEWARE project framework, on October 2-6th 2015. Meetings with the Municipalities officials took place along with the field work. Meetings have been conducted to familiarize the Municipality representatives with the project objectives, thereby strengthening the future collaboration for further activities.

BEWARE teams were welcomed by the mayor of the City of Jagodina, Ratko Stevanović on Oct 2nd 2015. Principal construction inspector, Branko Ilić, with his associates also participated in the meeting. They are the most familiar with the landslide problems throughout the territory of the city and were in charge of reporting and assessing landslide and flood damage during the 2014 events. Besides the general information about the project, collaboration with BEWARE teams was emphasized. Accordingly, the greatest attention during the field work was drawn to locations already prioritized by the local authorities. During the operative work, teams had support in logistics by local authority. Very significant source of information was data about historical landslides on territory Municipality of Jagodina, made by our colleague Marko Milošević, from the Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade.

Next meeting was held on Oct 5th 2015, in Municipality of Varvarin. The meeting was hosted by the municipal president Bratislav Tošić and the members of the team in charge of assessing landslide and flood damage during the 2014 events, Dragoš Beguš and Katarina Milojković. With the logistic support of the hosts, our team has continued registerring last year landslides within the following two days. This Municipality has evidently suffered much greater damage to floods. Similar situation is in some parts of Jagodina, so the field work was mostly reduced to several site visits and field check of the satellite image analysis.

In Svilajnac, BEWARE teams were welcomed by the Chief of the municipality administration, Olivera Stanojević. The meeting was also attended by Aleksandar Stojanovic, head of the department for construction supervision, Branislav Vučičević and Nemanja Gajić. It was suggested that this municipality hosts the regional training of local authority delegates of Svilajnac and neighboring municipalities/cities when equipment donated by the Japanese Government will be presented and provided. In the course of further project activities the usual field campaign is planned, with the support of Nemanja Vučičević, and Branislav Gajić, who are familiar with the sites of interest.

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